founders helping each others creating financial models

By founders,
for founders.

Scratch your own itch

We can explain our whole idea with just this phrase.
One week we found ourselves doing four different financial models, all of them were unique and different and required extensive work and knowledge with Excel.
We couldn't believe there wasn't a better alternative.

Really helping founders and innovators

After starting and basically doing a platform for ourselves, we found out that there was a big problem and a true request for a simpler and better way to create financial models.
Now we can help people like us achieve their dreams and change the world.
And we intend to keep doing this for a while.

Also helping us

We are "startuppers" just like you (hence the name Sturppy).
We made various app and saas businesses some successful, some less. We love creating products and trying new ideas, but sometimes it can be really difficult, it feels impossible and very lonely.
We know we can't change this with our platform, but if we could just help you make your startup a bit easier to launch and manage, then we would be happy.