AI Copilot that Turns
Guessing Into Science

Help your startup succeed with the help of our platform, we check your KPIs against other startups to let you know how you are doing

What Does it Do?

Sturppy gets the data directly from the assumptions that you entered in your financial model, then calculates five KPIs: ARPU, MRR, LTV, Churn and MAU.

This five indicators are then fed into the AI and you get the "realisticness" of your financial model expressed in a spectrum:<br/> Very Pessimistic - Slightly Pessimistic - Realistic - Slightly Optimistic - Very Optimistic

This score informs you on how hard it will be to build your startup: more optimistic models are usually harder to execute and require more investments.

How Does it Work?

The AI of Sturppy is a Neural Network built on top of TensorFlow


How is it Trained?

We extracted the data of more than one-thousand startups that are all active and compiled a mega list of KPIs.

The data was publicly available thanks to Indie Hackers and a movement called Open Startups plus, of course, the financial models made with Sturppy.

As you may have guessed the AI is not perfect because it still ignores important metrics, such as CAC.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough data to include everything we wanted, but this is because we are constantly and actively working on it and improving Sturppy as we grow.

How Can it Help Me?

The hardest part of creating a plan, is coming up with good assumptions (guesses, estimates). This is usually done with extensive research or with a lot of experience. But with Sturppy you don't have to risk.


Better Estimates

You know in advance if the data that you enter is realistic or optimistic, this can help you adjust your strategy.



By knowing how hard your financial plan is, you can plan accordingly and execute with confidence.



You know how you are doing relatively to other startups like you, keeping you on the right path.


Amazing For Investors

Investors will feel safer investing with you since they know who are realistic your projections are.

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