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10X value

We deeply believe that the value you provide must be at least 10 times the price you are charging. There are three main options when building financial model:


Hiring a financial modeling expert

Very expensive, like very expensive. You have to explain to him how your business works and this will take a lot of time, plus if you need to change anything you have to hire him again. We are talking more than 500$.


Buying a financial modeling course

The main provider for financial modeling courses charges 47$/month (billed annually) and you still have to put in the time and the attention to learn, plus building it on your own at the end.


Learning financial modeling by yourself

It's true that there are a lot of free resources, but most of them are incomplete and most importantly require a big investment of time to learn and then apply what you learned. Honestly this is the most dangerous since you will not be building your product, but learning something unrelated to your business, especially for a startup, your time is much better spent elsewhere.

This is why we are sure that by using a financial modeling tool especially designed for your business model, being it a SaaS, mobile app or e-commerce, will bring so much more value and help your startup succeed.


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Can I use Sturppy for free?

Yes. We offer a 14 days free trial with the Starter plan, and you can upgrade anytime you want.
Start your free trial here.

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Do I need a credit card to get started?

Absolutely not! You can start your free trial without the need of any credit card, we don't want to make you feel insecure or bound to us. You will need a credit card later when you upgrade to a plan.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Of course. You can change or cancel your subscription any time you want. If you want a refund, you have to ask for it in the next 14 days after the purchase.

Who can see my financial models?

No one except you. Your data is yours and is kept secure. Note that we will get analytic data to improve the platform, but it is in no way linked to you.

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Can I invite team members?

Yes. In the Pro or Premium plans, you can invite team members to work on the same or in different projects.

Can I work on more than one financial model at a time?

Hell yeah! With the Pro or Premium plans you can create multiple projects for your startup and work on them separately, while still being able to see the big picture.

multiple financial model in the same company

Can I share my financial model with someone outside my team?

YES. One of the best things about Sturppy is using it as a tool to pitch investors and co-founders, so you can use it as a presentation tool or send a private link to them to let them see your financial model.