We are constantly improving and adding new features to Sturppy, here you can see what we have planned for you

Short Term (1 month)

Improvement of the "Acquisition" section

You will be able to define different acquisition channels (facebook, google, organic, ...) and set different budgets, CCP and conversion rate for each one.

Improving the UI of the KPIs

Instead of just showing your KPI, you will be able to see a slider that shows you how you fare with other startups similar to you.

Unit Economics

Detailed breakdown of you unit economics with important indicators like, how many customers you need to break-even or if the pricing works.

Medium Term (2-4 month)

Live Mode

Now that you have created your financial model (planning), you will be able to connect directly to your live data and check how you are doing compared to the projections.
The first integration will be with Stripe, to check revenue, then with Google Analytics and Google Ads, to check for acquisition costs, and then with Plaid, Xero, Quickbooks, to check the expenses (4-5 months). This is just for starting, but will make sure to add more integrations to different providers.

Platform Improvements

We plan to support more business models and improve the creation of the financial model with more data, mode detail and more options.

AI Improvements

After we get more data, we can better train the AI and take into consideration more variables.

Long Term (4-6 month)

Cap Table

You will be able to manage your cap-table directly from the same platform that you use for creating financial models, track them and attract investors.

Do you Have a Request?

You have a request for a specific feature or a suggestion, we are more than happy to listen to you and we will probably add it to the app.

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