Avoid Errors When
Planning Your Startup

For those that want to handle the finances of their startup in the best of ways Sturppy can help you


Learn While Doing

You don't need to be a financial expert or an accountant to create a complete financial model for your startup.

Sturppy has been designed to help founders create their financial model with a dedicated tool instead of using generic spreadsheet or templates.

The builder guides you through each step required in creating a solid financial model and gives you explanations along the way.


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Are You a Learner?

If you like to always learn new things about startups or about financial modeling, then you can check out our Startup Dictionary or our Blog we regularly post useful tips for founders and startups.

AI Validation


You are not alone when building a financial model with Sturppy. Our AI is there for you and will tell you if something is off.

Each financial model gets a Realistic Score, this value tells you how realistic you projections are.

In this way, even if you have never made a financial model before, or if you don't have historical data (pre-revenue startups) you have an idea on how realistic your plan is, so you can better execute on it.

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